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Visits in 2006-2007

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Abandoned House on Stanwood Drive

Located in Franklin Mass, this house has sat abandoned for years. According to research, the house was bought by a younger couple. They divorced just prior to moving in, and the house's ownership either went back on the market or went back into the bank's custody. Reasons for its not being resold are unknown. Last I knew the neighbors are trying to get something done with it because as you will see it is a serious eyesore. Also, after talking with an attorney, he said the condition of the house is not salvagable, and would therefore have to be knocked down and rebuilt.

Caryville Mill

The old mill building, located in Bellingham Mass, which was constructed in 1898 used to house woolen production lines prior to making shoes. I have to perform further research, but know it was a textile mill when opened, and before it was closed in 1995 due to its failure to meet the fire code, it housed a car-audio installation company called RDL Acoustics.

Southwood Hospital

The hospital is one of two in the area, the other being Norwood Caritas Hospital. In the late 90's, Caritas was losing money due ot a low flow of customers at each hospital. To cut their losses, they closed this branch in 2001. This what remains. Currently, the property is up for sale, however chemical dumping has left the property vacant for years.
We did not get to venture inside this visit due to very tight security; you will notice that none of these buildings have been vandalized or mistreated in any way, with exception of by weather. There will, however, be another visit with more research, and more pictures. There are also rumors to this place being haunted - we shall see.

Whalom Park

Whalom Park, a fun little amusement park in Lunenburg Mass, operated from 1893 until 2000. It stood abandoned for six years prior to demolition to make way for condominiums. This is the park the week after the destruction began.

Norfolk Airport

Norfolk airport a unique little airstrip, as it is only one of two residential airparks. It closed somewhere between 1995-2000, and was listed as closed indefinately in 2001. In May of 2006, it was removed from the charts, and is said to have fallen victim to housing developments. The airport, as of today, still remains.

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Rocky Point Amusement Park

These pictures capture the remains of the 121 acre theme park in Rhode Island called Rocky Point. There were several more intended pictures, but the police showed up and escorted us out. The officer we quite kind about it, and even gave us a bit of tour before doing so. The park closed in 1995 due to their financial situation, dealing about $50,000 dollars of unpaid taxes. The park remained a Halloween funhouse in October, like the of Spooky World, but closed after only two or three years of doing so because of concerns for fire. The park is currently a debated site for future condominiums, and the old roller skating rink is currently used for police S.W.A.T. team training.

Norfolk Mills

The Norfolk Mills began as late in the 1800's as Buckley and Mann, which produced shoddy, (a cheap wool) and paper. Two of the buildings on the west side date back to 1830, where the Daniels, Batts, and Wick Company was once housed. In 1870, the factory complex was known as the Elliot Felting Mills of Boston, where piano and table covers were manufactured. The mill burned down several times under this management, as the products used were fairly combustible. In 1877, the name changed to the New England Felting Mills. More info can be seen at:

The Worcester Common Outlets

The Worcester Common Fashion Outlets originally opened as the Worcester Center Galleria on July 29, 1971. The mall was also constructed with a 4300 car parking garage, the biggest in the world at the time. In 1996, its name was shortened simply to Worcester Common Outlets. In 2004, phases of the mall began to close, beginning with the BB&Beyond wing. The final closing date for the mall was April 2006. This information can be obtained at:

Fort Wetherill